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We truly are living in the age of convenience. We can order food from home without leaving our chairs. You can go online shopping, in reality there is almost nothing you can’t do from the comfort of your home. Even mobile phones have come a very long way, not only can you use them when you are out and about, they can also be used for other more sensual pleasures as well.

I always seem to want to watch porn online with mobile phones at the strangest of times. Just the other day I was taking a dump at work and once finished I had the urge to rub one out. Lucky I had my trusty phone with me as it was going to satisfy my cravings and of course let me release some much needed stress.

That’s of course the convenience side of things. We’re truly blessed when we can do things that require as little effort as possible. The next time you’ve got the urge to let one go you know exactly what you can do. It sure beats holding it in and feeling like you’re the only guy that’s always missing out on everything.